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Providing Quality Property Rehabs since 1998.

DAHAG Services has successfully offered reliable customer service to each and every client we've worked with.  Through productive partnerships with large national banks, realtors, and suppliers, we've made it our goal to move the home-remodeling industry in a positive direction.

Our system provides quality property rehabs to dated/damaged homes by delivering specialized services such as precise construction estimates, timely renovation processes, and proactive project management supervision. We believe these services can offer fundamental support for the home resale preparation process. We aim to assist asset specialists, banking experts, and real-estate professionals throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. The employees and specialists of DAHAG Services are committed everyday to help distressed homes reach maximum property value once again.

Our services

Construction Estimates

We can provide accurate quotes to help narrow down the scope of your renovation project.

Renovation Services

We offer specialty property rehabs to bring any type of home back to market value.

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Project Management

We will initiate, plan, and execute all work surrounding each project so our clients can focus on other things.

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